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What is an infinity pool? Infinity Pool Design, Construction Cost, Construction Inspiration

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Infinity pools are one of the most popular forms of pool designs today. If you want to build a more attractive swimming pool, an infinity pool is undoubtedly the best choice. But what is an infinity pool and how does it work? Are pools more expensive to build?

What is an infinity pool?

The infinity swimming pool, as the name suggests, is a swimming pool with no visual effect of the frame, so as to achieve the unique visual effect of the fusion of the swimming pool and the scenery. The infinity pool does not really have no poolside, it is through the special design of the pool edge, so that the pool looks endless, so as to achieve the visual effect of infinite space.

In an ordinary swimming pool, all the pool walls are above the water level, so the pool water is normally inside the pool. With an infinity pool, one or more of the pool walls are built to be at the same level as the pool water level, however, the pool water doesn't simply fall to the ground below - it falls into a trough built to Below the walls of the infinity pool, the water in the sink is pumped back into the pool, creating an endless cycle.

Infinity pools are sometimes called overflow pools because they function similarly, but overflow pools can be completely underground, while infinity pools need to be at least partially above ground to have an infinity effect.

Infinity pool design

Most infinity pools are semi-underground, but there are also infinity pools that are installed entirely above ground.

The shape of the infinity pool is mostly designed as a rectangle, but thanks to our patented hoarding technology, the Desjoyaux infinity pool can be designed in any shape and any position.

Usually, this type of infinity pool design has only one pool wall designed for infinity effect, but it can also be designed for infinity effect on two or more sides (or even on all sides of the pool). Of course, the cost of swimming pool construction will increase accordingly.

The construction cost of the infinity pool

Once you consider building your villa swimming pool into an infinity pool, considering civil engineering, engineering, design and other work, your infinity pool will definitely cost more than a pool of the same size, depending on the actual situation.

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